Ţara Dornelor


Cool down with some of the most famous mineral waters in Romania.


Take in the landscape of northern Romania Carpathians on horseback, on skis or by boat.


Adventure on a hike around the largest volcanic caldera in Romania.


Your green destination in Bucovina!

Take the time to discover Ţara Dornelor ecotourism destination and choose to spend a few hours or days exploring the mountains. The high-altitude holiday location offers a network of over 400 kilometers of hiking trails, where local guides will be happy to accompany you. In the unique landscape of the Carpathians in northern Romania, nature has stories written on lava formations from prehistoric volcanoes. This is a good reason to go hiking in the mountains surrounding the valley, inviting you to memorable experiences.

The Călimani, Suhard, Giumalău, and Bistriței Mountains are interesting discovery in any season. In winter, the snow cover lasts up to 120 days a year, which is ideal for an extensive ski season. The best time to try cross-country skiing is from January to March when the immaculate snow rewards your courage and appetite for adventure. The ridge of the Suhard Mountains offers a low-difficulty trail and enchanting views throughout the hike. So, are you ready to go up the mountains?



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There are spectacular areas in Romania that are worth discovering! Visiting them, make you feel well in nature, and introduces you to the spirit of the place, full of vitality. It offers you good quality local services and products and makes your vacation a small “investment” in a local economy that slowly starts functioning by integrating nature conservation and local culture into the economic equation through ecotourism.