Băile Tuşnad and Surrounding


Relax on the shore of the only volcanic lake in Romania.


Recharge your batteries in the healing thermal springs.


Understand local culture through traditional crafts.


The place where beavers have returned

Located in eastern Transylvania, Baile Tusnad and surroundings destination is the perfect choice for a rejuvenating cure for body and soul. Its miraculous springs of mineral waters with healing powers restore the balance and inner peace in those who try them. Complemented by mofettas, richly ionised air, and a sub-alpine climate, they will transform you into the fairy-tale hero who regains his strength and vitality overnight.

With fresh strength, you’ll be able to walk or cycle the many trails to the only volcanic lake in south-eastern Europe, Saint Ana Lake. Leave room for a walk in the Mohoș Peat Bog, a special nature reserve with relict plants from the Ice Age.

If you’re lucky, you might even spot a bear in the area. However, the safest way to watch a bear is at the observatories specially set up by Máté Bence, one of the world’s most famous nature photographers. Access to these is by reservation only, in the presence of a guide. And, if you’re so passionate about nature, in the presence of a specialist you can also watch the beavers that have returned to the Olt River after hundreds of years since their extinction.



There are spectacular areas in Romania that are worth discovering! Visiting them, make you feel well in nature, and introduces you to the spirit of the place, full of vitality. It offers you good quality local services and products and makes your vacation a small “investment” in a local economy that slowly starts functioning by integrating nature conservation and local culture into the economic equation through ecotourism.


At the moment there are no accommodations offered by AER members or Eco-Romania certified.