Bison Land


Walk in wonder through the “Copper Forests” and “Silver Wood”, as they are known in our literature.


Visit piously the monastic villages Agapia and Văratec, unique in Europe.


Watch European bison roaming free.


The place where legends and bison meet

Traveling around Neamț means secular forests, famous monasteries, and hermitages scattered in the mountains, monastic villages, and medieval historical monuments. Here you can also see the legendary bison, which has been reintroduced into the natural environment more than two centuries after its disappearance from the wild. Currently, more than 50 bison roam freely through the secular forests of the land.

If you reach the 180 hectares acclimatization enclosure near the Visitor Centre of the Vânători-Neamț Natural Park, your encounter with bison will be a unique experience. And you will not be alone but accompanied by rangers who will guide you in the footsteps of the largest terrestrial animal in Europe. You will thus understand why the legendary bison is an “architect” of landscapes.

And this is not all! In recognition of the efforts to preserve the cultural and natural wealth of the area, Bison Land has been, for years, the only sustainable tourism destination in Romania, out of the 100 selected worldwide.



There are spectacular areas in Romania that are worth discovering! Visiting them, make you feel well in nature, and introduces you to the spirit of the place, full of vitality. It offers you good quality local services and products and makes your vacation a small “investment” in a local economy that slowly starts functioning by integrating nature conservation and local culture into the economic equation through ecotourism.


At the moment there are no accommodations offered by AER members or Eco-Romania certified.