Mărginimea Sibiului


Taste the famous authentic dairy products from Sibiu.


Admire the glass icons in the Sibiel Museum.


Travel along the Royal Road, the most picturesque in the Romanian Carpathians.


The land of well-being

Mărginimea Sibiului is a region in southern Transylvania, famous for its tradition of shepherding and sheep cheese. Although located in the immediate vicinity of Sibiu, the chain of villages in the foothills of the Carpathians represents a link with nature, where communities have a slow pace of life and customs are carefully preserved. Discover, on foot or by bike, the narrow streets with brightly coloured houses and large wooden gates! Visit local museums (Săliște, Sibiel, Jina, Rășinari) and participate in local festivals to feel the pulse of the community. The villages alternate with orchards, picturesque valleys, deciduous and coniferous forests, hayfields with huts, pastures enlivened by flocks of sheep, and in the heart of the destination is the mountain resort Păltiniș. Local roads are suitable for cycling, and the mountain area has a dense network of hiking, running and MTB trails. Mărginimea is a paradise for taking up a new sport, but also for challenges in local competitions (Burduf Challenge, Traces on Play, Sibiel Forest Run) and international ones (Sibiu Cycling Tour).