Eco Maramureș


Set off on an adventure on Creasta Cocoșului (Rooster’s Crest).


Stroll or cycle through villages and meadows in the heart of Maramureș


Discover the wood culture of Maramureș.


The green heart of Maramureș

The Eco Maramureș ecotourism destination is an island of authentic life, where nature and the locals have joined hands to create a unique cultural landscape. As a testimony, we have the villages which still preserve the architecture of Maramureș, with wooden houses, gates, and churches, where life unfolds slowly as if there were no worries at all. Here, there is Creasta Cocoșului (The Rooster’s Crest), in the Gutâi Mountains, a huge nine million-year-old cliff, made of magmatic rock. There are also lakes and forests, habitats for birds and mammals, and meadows with unique flora and healing herbs.

Come to the village of Breb to discover some of what this area has to offer! You can follow the easy hiking route that starts from the Church of Breb, for an experience in nature that will reveal the surroundings of the village, with hay meadows, orchards, and hay stacks scattered as far as the eye can see. On the way back, you can admire the specific local architecture, experience life in the village, and feel that you are a vibrant part of the local community.



AER is in association with Zenith Maps in order to realize a collection of maps concentrated on the ecotourism destinations in Romania. This collection is focused on the destinations promoted by AER and also a tourist guide.


There are spectacular areas in Romania that are worth discovering! Visiting them, make you feel well in nature, and introduces you to the spirit of the place, full of vitality. It offers you good quality local services and products and makes your vacation a small “investment” in a local economy that slowly starts functioning by integrating nature conservation and local culture into the economic equation through ecotourism.