Igniș – Mara Trail

Traseul Igniș – Mara


Trail: Sat Șugatag – Iezerul Mare – Cheile Tătarului – Barajul Runcu – Mara – Desești – Hărnicești – Sat Șugatag

The Igniș – Mara trail is an ambitious, adventurous trail, but particularly beautiful. It has it all: villages, wilderness, many different types of roads, photogenic landscapes, two protected areas, as well as uphills and downhills. Even though after the first half you might say that it’s all uphill…

We will feast our eyes on the grandeur of mountain peaks, the misty landscape of Igniș volcanic plateau, we will cycle past a peat bog (a type of swamp where peat accumulates – a soil very rich in organic matter from plants, partly decomposed, due to lack of oxygen), and past the andesite walls of Tătarului Gorge. After our descent to Mara, we can return to Șugatag village, following the former forestry railroad. And, since we are pedalling along a former railroad, we have the option to make a „stop” in Desești village (UNESCO site), or in Hărnicești village, where we join the Șinelor Trail.

  •  Mountain landscapes;
  • Iezerul Mare Peat Bog;
  • Tătarului Gorge;
  •  Runcu reservoir;
  • UNESCO World Heritage church in Desești (18th century);
  • Nașterea Maicii Domnului” (The Nativity of the Virgin Mary) wooden church in Hărnicești (1679);
  • Cuvioasa Parascheva” (Saint Parascheva) wooden church in Șugatag village (1699)


Website: www.ecomaramures.com
Length : 25 km/ 32.9 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Trail type: Cycling tourism
Arrival: Mara/ Sat Șugatag
Maximum slope: 27%
Average slope: 5.3%
Elevation difference: 450 m




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