Roșia Trail

Traseul Rosia


Trail: Budești – Râul Mare – Gura Râielor – Schitul Roșia

Anyone looking up information on Budești will find out that in the village on Cosău river can be found two old wooden churches, the one in Josani being an UNESCO monument, authentic homesteads and many places which bring to mind the name of the legendary Pintea Viteazu’ (Pintea the Brave). Then, it is also known that the soil in Budești hides gold “treasures”, exploited in the past in the local mines. The Roșia Trail unravels this village’s picturesque feel, leading us through the volcanic caldera landscape, haystacks and wooden houses perched atop the hills, reaching the Roșia Monastery and the confluences of the springs forming Râul Mare.  The trail has one disadvantage: the out journey is only uphill pedalling. But this always comes with a great advantage: the return journey is light downhill, all you need to do is relax on your bicycle saddle and exclaim “How niiiiiiice!”.

  • Delightful landscape;
  • Traditional homestays;
  •  “Sfântul Nicolae” (Saint Nicholas) wooden church in Budești-Josani (UNESCO monument);
  • Roșia Monastery.


Length: 15.7 (round trip)
Difficulty:  Average – Difficult
Trail type: Cycling tourism
Departure and arrival: Budești (centre)
Maximum slope: 16.7%
Average slope: 3%
Elevation difference: 250 m




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