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Dominic Boutique

Veseud11 Guesthouse

Natura Tusnad Guesthouse

Iris Guesthouse

Mărioara Guesthouse

Maramu Guesthouse

Bontoș Guesthouse

Casa Teodora Guesthouse

Casa Eva Wagner Guesthouse

Șoimul Villa

Tușnad Camping

Olt Guesthouse

Hanul Secuiesc Guesthouse

Hanul Hotarul Ciucului Guesthouse

Casa Verde – Zold Haz

Discover Eco-România – Zenith Maps Collection

The maps in this collection are made taking into account the needs of those who enjoy nature by practicing activities with reduced impact, such as hiking, cycling, ski touring, etc. The maps have a high-quality standard: they are resistant to precipitation and wind, the routes are recorded with GPS, and the graphics and pattern are of the highest quality. AER is partnering with Zenith Maps to create the Discover Eco-Romania ecotourism maps collection for promoting ecotourism destinations in Romania.