Transylvanian Highlands


Step inside fortified churches to uncover the secrets of Transylvania’s history.


Savour delicious dishes and sample local culture at the famous ”Transilvanian Brunches”.


Walk or cycle to discover the last medieval landscape in Europe.


The last medieval landscape of Europe

Adored by contemporary princes and visited by guests from all over the world, the Transylvanian Highlands ecotourism destination instills in your soul the special charm of the last truly medieval landscape in Europe.

Besides the beautiful villages with fortified churches, here, in the heart of Romania, you will find meadows exploding in colour, with a variety of flowers and butterflies, as you can rarely see. Through the cool forests, with impressive trees, you can discover fresh deer or bear tracks and you can hear the birds chirping their charming trills.

In sync with nature, people work their land and turn its yield into reasons to celebrate, happily inviting you to join them. Along the many valleys, you have all the time in the world to admire the landscape, while making room for a rainbow of local sensations, sprinkled with wild berries, sturdy households, and welcoming people.

Transylvanian Highlands is an open invitation to appreciate nature, local culture, and, above all, people!



There are spectacular areas in Romania that are worth discovering! Visiting them, make you feel well in nature, and introduces you to the spirit of the place, full of vitality. It offers you good quality local services and products and makes your vacation a small “investment” in a local economy that slowly starts functioning by integrating nature conservation and local culture into the economic equation through ecotourism.