Werk 2


Werk 2 Guesthouse is located in Saschiz, Mureș county – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, close to Via Transilvanica and the bike route connecting the Saxon villages of Sighisoara and Târnava Mare area, in the Transylvanian Highlands. It is located between the fortified evangelical church and the fortress, in the center of the village, in an area sheltered from the noise of the European road crossing Saschiz.

The guesthouse has 4 rooms, each with its own bathroom, a generous common area and a library, using solar panels to heat the water and the rooms. The materials used are mainly wood, stone and brick. This harmoniously combines modern comfort and local architecture. The glazed surfaces in the common area make the generous garden and the rest of the household visible. The location is quiet, warm in the cold season and cool in the summer.

The guesthouse is sized so that the young family that runs it can manage it directly, with minimal impact on the environment and in a family atmosphere.


Address:  no. 163, Saschiz Village, Mureș County
Website:  www.werk2.ro




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