Veseud11 Guesthouse


Not far from the middle of the country, in a quiet place in the Transylvanian Highlands, Veseud 11 guesthouse offers authenticity, relaxation, pure nature and the possibility to explore the nearby tourist attractions and the local lifestyle typical of the Saxon villages. Veseud 11 is made up of 3 Saxon houses that have been converted into guesthouses while preserving their authenticity. The houses have spacious courtyards opening onto gardens and renovated barns with a terrace for dining or maybe just for a coffee in the crisp morning air. 

Accommodation is provided in 3 double rooms and 3 carefully renovated apartments with authentic decorative elements.

The hosts recreate the old-time atmosphere and heat the wood-fired oven to bake potato bread, traditional Saxon cake (Heunklich) and many other delicious dishes.

The courtyard is full of animals, from fowl to donkeys, that can be spoiled by the guests. At weekends we organise walks or horse-cart rides in search of nature and peace close to the forest.


Address: 11 Veseud village, Chirpăr commune, Sibiu county




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