Dominic Boutique


Few experiences can be compared to spending the night in a house from 1775, in a Saxon village from Transylvania. Dominic Boutique cottages in Cloașterf are idyllic, quiet, romantic and located in the middle of nature.

The guesthouse comprises 6 accommodation units spread around a former Saxon household which includes the Great House, the former summer kitchen, the barn, the animal shelter and the woodshed. The cottages have been carefully renovated and transformed into welcoming places, in line with the local traditions and motifs, for the enjoyment of the guests. Most of the furniture items are hundreds of years old and have been slowly and carefully restored, as a tribute to the new life they have received. 

Behind the barn, there is a small old apple orchard and, further up the hill, a grove. Some delightful experiences you can have while staying here are: an energetic walk around the surrounding hills, a quiet afternoon reading under the walnut tree, a charming picnic getaway, a visit to the nearby farms, wine tasting at sunset or stargazing at midnight.


Address: 20 Cloașterf village, Saschiz commune, Mureș county




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