The network of hiking and mountain biking trails in the Transylvanian Highlands


The network of trails covering the Transylvanian Highlands has expanded rapidly in the last few years, so much so that it presently adds up to over 500 km of marked trails for biking and hiking. They link 50 Transylvanian Saxon villages, some of them with UNESCO fortified churches, and follow ancient medieval roads, as well as footpaths, county, forest and farming roads.

Any village in the Transylvanian Highlands destination may represent a starting point for discovering the area, whether it is Viscri, Saschiz, Copșa Mare, Biertan, or the lesser known ones, like Ațel, Valea Viilor, Cobor and many others.

Although it is a highland area, the trails here may be, in some cases, rather challenging, some of them comparable to the mountain biking tourism trails. Less challenging options are also available, for families with children or for the less experienced. RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: helmet, reflective vest, small toolkit,  sufficient water or sports hydration drink (especially during hot days), bicycle spare tubes.


Organizer: Mioritics Association
Length: 500+ km
Difficulty: all levels
Trail type: Cycling



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