Zărnești – Piatra Craiului

Piatra Craiului


Discover wolf, lynx and bear tracks with the best specialised guides.


Watch the friendly chamois on the ridge of Piatra Craiului.


Participate in the oldest mountain running contest in the country, the Piatra Craiului Marathon.


The jewel of the Romanian Carpathians

One of the most famous mountain massifs for hiking in Romania, Piatra Craiului National Park is a limestone castle, guarded by forest. On the way to its heights, you will walk on via-ferrata, past caves, and scree, and the wonderful view from the ridge will leave you speechless. Along the paths, you may spot chamois, or you can admire flower species that are endemic here, such as the little carnation of Piatra Craiului (Dianthus callizonus). Zărnești and the villages around the mountains are places to stop, where you can find accommodation, but also delicious meals made with fresh local produce.

Besides the spectacular trails and scenery, the area is great if you want to discover signs and tracks of all kinds of animals, such as bears, wolves, or lynx. In the company of a specially trained guide, you can find animal tracks on the soft earth, or you can watch bears from the safety of a hide, and you will understand how the locals and large carnivores have been living here for thousands of years.



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