Guided walks in the Transylvanian countryside, from Sibiu


It is a program of easy hikes through the villages of Marginimea Sibiului and Colinele Transilvaniei. Tourists can book all 6 hikes or just one. Group of maximum 8 people.

Day 1: Hike between Rasinari and Cisnadioara. This hike will be a good introduction to the Transylvanian countryside: a walk through 2 neighboring but very different villages: a Romanian one, Rasinari, in Marginimea Sibiului, and a Saxon one – Cisnadioara, just beyond the hill.
Day 2: Biertan. On this tour, we will explore the hills around Biertan, on the Via Transilvanica. The route, almost 6 kilometres long each way, offers some of the best views of the Transylvanian Hills. We will be able to visit the fortified church of Biertan.
Day 3: Hiking in Hosman. The hike starts near the fortified church and climbs gently through agricultural fields and meadows to the oak forest. After crossing the forest we will enjoy a superb panorama of the Fagaras mountains.
Day 4: Hike to Stana. This hike will introduce us to the world of shepherds who graze their sheep in the mountains around Sibiu. We will follow the paths used by the local shepherds to go to their flocks and huts on the top of the mountain, and depending on the season, we may be able to meet them. If the shepherd is available, he will prepare a special shepherd’s lunch: shepherd’s bulz.
Day 5: Hike to Boita. We will explore the heights around the village of Boita, located at the entrance of Olt in the gorge, the first village in Marginimea Sibiului. An old border settlement, the village witnessed important pages of Transylvania’s history, from the Roman era to the First World War. In addition to the amazing views of Olt at the entrance to the mountains, we will be able to discover a forgotten hamlet, hidden in the woods above the village.
Day 6: Hike to Jina. This hike will take us to Jina, the last of the 17 villages in Mărginimea Sibiului located at the highest altitude.



Tour provider: Oak Tree Travel
About the tour provider:  We are a tour operator established in 2019 and we organize cultural and outdoor excursions and circuits for small groups of tourists. The tourist packages we promote include, in addition to the cultural component, hiking through the mountains and villages of Romania. We propose to reveal to both Romanian tourists and foreigners the Romanian village at a leisurely pace, without hurry. Our hikes have a degree of difficulty from easy to medium because we want to enjoy the experience in nature and we do not have the stated goal of reaching a peak.
Data: all seasons




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