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Villa Abbatis Riding Tour in Transylvania


Villa Abbatis Riding Tour in Transylvania is a package of six horse riding tours; starting in Apoș village, Sibiu county, each tour reaches various traditional Saxon villages in the Transylvanian Highlands. Each tour is 15-20 km long and takes about nine hours: five-six hours of horse riding and a three+hour break for lunch and enjoying cultural experiences (visiting fortified churches or local produce-tastings). All tours include lunch. We require all participants to be able to trot and canter competently.


Address: Principală Street, no. 27, Apoș Village, Bârghiș Commune, 557036, Sibiu County
Phone: +40 735 334 500
Tour Provider: Villa Abbatis

About the tour provider: Villa Abbatis is an equestrian center in Apoș, an old Saxon village in Sibiu county, in the heart of Transylvania, in an area surrounded by fortified churches and century-old forests. We offer cultural horseback-riding holidays in the Transylvanian Highlands, with opportunities for meals and accommodation. Join us for the chance to enjoy some exhilarating canters in open field, sample local delicacies, visit the traditional roof tile workshop or the charcoal makers, and observe a way of life in villages where time has stood still.
Date: 01 January – 31 December



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