Rhubarb Festival


Appreciated by Romanian and foreign tourists alike along the years, the increasing success of rhubarb products has convinced the locals that this plant deserves its own festival. Since 2011, this event has been organized annually by the Women’s Association in Saschiz. Rhubarb is a springtime plant, similar in appearance to burdock. It has many uses and it is good for human health. This is why rhubarb has come to be the star of the local cuisine, after many years when it was just the root growing in gardens, used by mothers and grandmothers to make compote and jam. If you are curious about its taste and how to use rhubarb, or if you are already familiar with it and you wish to taste and buy traditional rhubarb products, the Rhubarb Festival is the perfect opportunity. The festival takes place in the courtyard of the Evangelical Church, where housewives, farmers and small manufacturers in Saschiz and in Târnava Mare area gather and display their products.


Address: The Evangelical Church in Saschiz, Mureș County
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Vecinatatea-Femeilor-din-Saschiz-1925774544315011/
Organized by: Women’s Association in Saschiz
Date: 2 May
Type of event: Cultural event



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