Haferland Week


The aim of ‘Haferland Week’ festival is to appeal to returning Saxons, as well as to tourists who wish to discover a fairytale land. This is the largest event dedicated to promoting the Saxon culture in Transylvania.

The festival is itinerant in nature, moving from one village to the next through Haferland, known as such because, in the past, the locals mostly cultivated oats, due to the harsher local climate. You will find here sturdy farmhouses that look like miniature fortresses, with austere rooms but where the solid wood furniture, hand painted with traditional motifs in joyful colours, is most cherished. Your travels through the Saxon Villages must definitely include the famous fortified churches, where you can find a moment of peace or enjoy organ concerts.

During the event, you can choose from various exhibitions, film projections, traditional brunches and crafts workshops. There will be no shortage of traditional songs and dances, and open air concerts.

Photo credit: © Călin Stan


Website: www.haferland.ro
Organized by: Michael Schmidt Foundation
Date: 23-27 July
Type of event: Cultural event




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