Tânjaua Hotenarilor


Tânjaua Hotenarilor is considered to be the Eco Maramureș farmers’ celebration.

It is an ancient agricultural custom, attested as early as 1870, celebrating the first farmer who begins ploughing his land. He is accompanied by the villagers, dressed in their traditional holiday dress, forming a suite, accompanied by young boys wearing 12 “tânjele” (beams) adorned with birch branches, ribbons and towels. The suite then makes its way towards Valea Dărasca, where the farmer’s face is sprinkled with water, while invocations for abundant crops and a rich year are uttered. For over 40 years, the Tânjaua Hotenarilor continues with a traditional local song and dance show,  being a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the spirit of the place.


Address: Hoteni village, Ocna Șugatag, Maramureș County
Organized by: Ocna Șugatag Townhall
Date: 10 May
Type of event: Cultural event



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