Suhard Cycling Route


Trail route: Coșna – Bancului Valley – Sf. Cruce Monastery – blue stripe hiking trail – Oușoru Peak’s north face – Urseni ridge (blue cross hiking trail) – Dorna Candrenilor

The starting point of the trail is the intersection of European road that goes to Tihuţa Pass with the asphalted road leading to the centre of Coșna commune. Immediately, after the second railway crossing, we get out of the asphalted road and we keep going straight ahead on the gravel road. Then it fallows a long gentle climb along the valley. Continue climbing and go for many intersections with roads on the right, the last one being the one with the forest road that ascends along Fagetul stream. At the next crossroads, next to a trout farm, turn right at Prislop Stream Valley. The ascent becomes harder, and at a latter point you will encounter a forest road coming from the left, taking care to keep the direction straight ahead. From here, you have to keep left at the next two crossroads, until you will reach the mountain meadows, above the tree line. The last part of climbing is difficult and quite long.
Once you get on the ridge of Suhard Mountains, the gravel road goes to the left, but the route continues ahead and to the right on a dirt (grassy) road, after you pass a gate. Then, the route climbs gently while down on the valley it can be admired the Holy Cross Monastery and Ciocăneşti village lower on the valley. After about 2-3 kilometres of slow climbing, the road heavily descends to the right, while on the left part of the trail, at a few hundred meters below the road, we can see a sheepfold. Immediately the slope becomes soften and you will continue to descend slowly on Plaiul Suhard. The trail continues through the forest and then it slightly ascends, leaving on the left Muntele Tarniţei and it goes out of the forest after a short section of difficult climbing. From this point the road descends quickly to a broader saddle where there are many sheepfolds. Once you get to the sheepfolds area the road begins to climb gently, avoiding to the right Iacob Peak, and it enters again in the forest. However, you should be careful because the trail turns left on some barely visible traces, shortly before entering in the wood. Just a few meters after we left the other road, the route becomes visible again and begins to descend quite steeply on a forest road that is in a poor condition. The right way is confirmed by the blue-ribbon trail sign that will accompany you to the sheepfold bellow Ouşoru Peak. Once you get here you go around the sheepfold to the right you start descending towards Dorna Candrenilor. The right way is confirmed by the blue cross sign, but the descent is quite demanding because of to the poor condition of the road surface.


Length: 30.7 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Trail type: Cycling tourism




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