“The Peat Bog under a Magnifying Glass” Interpretation Trail


“The Peat Bog Under a Magnifying Glass” Interpretation Trail is located in Tinovul Șarul Dornei Nature Reserve, Suceava county, in the close vicinity of the Călimani National Park Visitor Centre.

This interpretation trail is part of the experience offered by the Călimani National Park Visitor Centre. And since you are here, do not miss the exhibition inside the Centre and in its yard.

“The Peat Bog Under a Magnifying Glass” Interpretation Trail offers a new perspective on peat bogs. In the Țara Dornelor ecotourism destination you can visit the Tinovul Mare – Poiana Stampei Interpretation Trail, but the experience in Șaru Dornei is also rather exquisite. Here we wanted to highlight the tiny things which are usually overlooked, and many interesting things happen at a microscopic level.

What are these moss-covered mounds and what happens inside? How is it that the small cranberry and bilberry fruit hold so much healing chemistry? How did Nature manage to endow the little pine nuts with such great life-spreading power? What secret helps the frail cottongrass flowers thrive in such acidic, water-soaked soil?

You will learn all this and more in just a brief, half an hour walk along our proposed itinerary. Please stay on the wooden trail both for your safety (some areas are boggier than others) and to protect everything around you.


Length: 1.5 km
Difficulty: easy
Trail type: themed
Starting point: parking place of Călimani National Park Visitor Centre




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