Tătaru – Bâtca Roşie Cycling Route


Trail route: Dorna Candrenilor – Coşna – Româneşti – Tătaru – Teşna – Poiana Stampei – tinov – pârâul Roşia – Pârâul Muncelu Mic – Pârâul Pietros – Poiana Negri – Dorna Candrenilor

The trail starts at Candrenilor Dorna Town Hall. From here you need to follow 5 km on the European road to Dorna Candrenilor, following the traffic signs to Coșna commune. Once we pass through the centre of Coşna commune, the asphalted road turns into gravel road and not long after, it crosses under a railway passage, and from now on you will always have the railway on your right side. After Teşna village the road enters for a few kilometers in the forest until it reaches Poiana Tătarului village. Here, about 100 meters before the first buildings that you will find, the road turns left on a barely visible dirt road and then it climbs steeply up to Tătarului Hill where you will enjoy a great panorama. On the top you will find a gravel road in good condition that leads you back to the European road. From the intersection with the main road turn right towards Poiana Stampei, and after a few kilometers turn left on a gravel road to Dornişoara (indicated with road sign). The trail follows the road to Dornişoara for a few kilometers and then turns left on a forest road, by the entry in Tinovul Mare Nature Reserve (poorly marked). From here follow the route on a series of forest roads making sure to keep left at the first intersection, then right at the second, then again to the right. After the last intersection you simply need to follow the road that will get you to Poiana Negri, from where the road is asphalted. This road descends continually until it intersects with the European road where you have to turn right to return to the Town Hall.


Length: 59 km
Difficulty: Medium
Trail type: Cycling tourism



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