Tomnaticul Cycling Route


Trail route: Păltiniș – Drăgoiasa – Tomnaticul forestry road – Buciniș Spring – Poiana Tăieturi – Neagra Șarului

From Păltiniş you should follow the concrete road towards Drăgoiasa and, at the entry in the village, you should turn right on the first road. At 50 meters from the intersection you will find the road sign: drumul forestier Buciniş – Frumuşica. Follow this road, ensuring that you keep right at each intersection. Once you get above the tree line, you will find an ice-cold water spring. A few hundred meters up there is an intersection where you should follow the road to the right which is less visible. From here, the road becomes grassy and continues to ascend to a sheepfold that you will find on the right side. Next to the sheepfold the trail turns sharply to the right, precisely next to the sheepfold, starting to descend steeply to Buciniş Spring and then continues towards Piciorul Prelucii.
The trail continues with an abrupt descend in the forest, where the road is in bad condition and requires increased attention. The descending ends at Tăieturii Clearing where you will have to follow the second road to the left. Then, the route will continue gently, passing by a wooden gate, and then continues with a long and abrupt descend. Again, we have bad road condition that requires increased attention. Finally, the trail passes through a series of gates which means that you are not too far from Neagra Şarului. In the last part of the descent the road turns into a gravel road, on which you will continue descending, until you reach the asphalt road that connects Neagra Şarului to Gura Haiti.


Length: 25.5 km
Difficulty: Medium
Trail type: Cycling tourism




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