12 Apostoli Cycling Route


Trail route: Poiana Negri – 12 Apostoli Hermitage – Apa Rece – blue triangle hiking trail – Sărișor – Neagra Șarului

The trail starts from Dorna Candrenilor Commune, at the crossroads between the European road and the secondary road that leads to Poiana Negri village. We have to follow this road for a few kilometres till we get at paved road intersection that ascends to the left, where a pointer will indicate us the direction to the cloister. Following this new road we will immediately meet the blue dot hiking sign. To reach the 12 Apostles cloister you should follow the pointers to the cloister and hiking sign, noting that on the last side the serpentine road climbs quite steep and the slope is quite high. Once up, the route turns left on a grassy road just before the entrance in the cloister courtyard, passes by a windmill and it arrives to a resting poin and an informative billboard. Here we can leave our bikes, and we can walk till we get to the 12 Apostles cliffs (3 hours walking round trip), red dot and blue dot hiking signs (It is advisable to ask for permission to leave them at the cloister, since bikes can easily be stolen). Getting back to the resting point, the route turns slightly left to the direction from which you came when you climb from the cloister, leading you in the forest on a dirt road where you will notice the blue triangle sign. Following this marking you will get in Sărișor from where you can continue your travel to Neagra Șarului or to Șarul Dornei.


Length: 25.2 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Trail type: Cycling tourism



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