Giumalău Cycling Route


Trail route: Vatra Dornei – Acoperământul Maicii Domnului Monastery – Rusca (Rusca Valley) – Giumalău Hut – Gigi Ursu Hut (yellow stripe – red stripe – blue stripe marking trail) – Poiana Obcinii – Chilia Creek – Vatra Dornei

The start of the trail is on the Vatra Dornei town bypassing (Chilia Street). From here follow the gravel road that leads to the Acoperământul Maicii Domnului Monastery, situated on the left bank of Bistrița River. After the monastery the road continues smoothly towards Rusca village. Once you get in Rusca, turn left next to the bridge over Bistrita River. Basically, you go on a climbing road that is accompanying Rusca Stream. From here just follow the red triangle trail sign that will lead you to Giumalău Hut after a sustained climb. Be careful, there is a 500 meters push bike segment just before reaching the tree line. From the hut you need to follow the dirt road that is crossing the mountain meadows. The road overlaps the tourist yellow ribbon hiking trail sign to Ciungilor Clearing where the trail intersects with red ribbon sign. Follow this sign and after a long journey through the forest, you will meet blue ribbon sign (coming from the left), which partially overlaps red cross sign to Gigi Ursu Hut. The road section through the forest is severely damaged because of forestry activities and in some cases you need to get off the bike. From Gigi Ursu Hut, the road is mostly descending and the road surface is good. At the first intersection you have two options: either follow the red cross sign, which descends more steeply through pastures and meadows, or follow the road to the left which descends smoothly to Vatra Dornei, on the Chilia Stream valley towards the town.


Length: 36.8
Difficulty: Difficult
Trail type: Cycling tourism



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