Sărișor Cycling Route


Trail route: Șaru Dornei – Sărișor – Neagra Șarului – Șeștina – Panaci – Șaru Dornei

The route starts at the main intersection in Șaru Dornei. We cross the Neagra River and slightly turn right onto another asphalted road that will take us through the scattered houses of Plaiul Dornei and Sărișor villages. A few ascents might cause problems to the ones with less training, but it’s not the case to get off the bike. From Sărișor to Neagra Șarului there are two steep descends where we have to be careful to carts and cars coming from the opposite direction because of the narrow road which might get us into trouble if speeding.

Once we are in Neagra Șarului, we turn left on the main road and then first to the right on another asphalt road. At the next intersection we have two options: either we follow the road to the left, which is shorter, or we go straight ahead and we start climbing a hill. Then it follows a steep descent into a valley not too deep, but followed by a short steep climb. Once we’re up again, we turn left on the first gravel road we meet. This road will take us to Panaci. When we reach the main road we turn left again towards Șaru Dornei. In less than 15 minutes we will be back at the starting point.


Length: 19 km
Difficulty: Easy
Trail type: Cycling tourism



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