Catrinari Cycling Route


Trail route: Panaci – Coverca – Drăgoiasa – Glodu – Catrinari – Păltiniș – Coverca – Panaci

The trail starts right in the centre of Panaci Commune, in front of Town Hall. From here follow the concrete road that goes to Coverca and Drăgoiasa. The concrete road is just until you enter in Drăgoiasa village and from here it starts the gravel road which is actually in a quite good condition. This area offers a special cultural landscape dominated by scattered houses in Pârâului Tomnaticul Valley, also by the alternation of pastures and hayfields. From here, the trail continues to Glodu village, that it is situated lower in the valley. Once you get to Glodu village, turn left from the central street (this is the only obvious street that you will find on the left, after village entrance road sign – Gura Glodului). From this point to the next village, Catrinari, you need to keep the direction to the left at the next two intersections. Attention to the second bifurcation! You must enter on the left road, with roughest surface. After a sustained ascent, a bit difficult because of the rocks on the road, you arrive high above Catrinari village, with a beautiful view of Pârâul Păltinișului Valley, noticing very well the way to follow to Păltiniș Mountain Pass that is placed on the left of the panorama. From Păltiniș Mountain Pass the route descends to the village with the same name, where you will find the concrete road that you have followed a few hours earlier. You have to turn right on this road and to arrive at the starting point, Panaci village.


Length: 33.2 km
Difficulty: Medium
Trail type: Cycling tourism




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