Dumitrelu Lake Cycling Route


Trail route: Gura Haitii – Dumitrelu Lake – Gura Haitii

From the centre of Gura Haitii village, follow the concrete road that ascends to the former sulphur open mine pit in the heart of Călimani Mountains. Once you have passed the barrier, keep climbing on the same road for another 2 kilometres, followed by some large serpentines. Immediately after exiting the last serpentine, you will see a forest road on the right, which is actually the starting point of the Dumitrelu forest road that goes around the former tailing ponds of the sulphur exploitation. Follow this road for about 9 kilometres. In the first part, the road has slowly ascended and descends, followed by a sharp descend towards the end. Generally, the road condition is good, but on small sections, you might come across with muddy areas due to the forest exploitation from the proximity. When you arrive again on concrete road, turn left to get back in the village.


Length: 26 km
Difficulty: Medium
Trail type: Cycling tourism



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