Hiking Trails Network in Țara Dornelor


Țara Dornelor ecotourism destination partially encompasses four massifs: Călimani, Suhard, Giumalău and Pietrosu Bistriței.

From these four, the Călimani massif stands out as an important hiking destination, but the lengthy duration of trails, the scarcity of cabins and the great elevation differences makes it less accessible to the less trained. The condition of the markings is acceptable, but there are a few stretches which will test your mountain orientation skills.

The other massifs have mountain trails with delightful sights and unforgettable experiences as well. The Suhard mountains are softer, but riddled with sheepfolds, and the condition of the markings is deplorable. The Giumalău massif has a multitude of relatively well marked trails, as well as two decent tourist cabins. Pietrosul Bistriței, the Northern extremity of the Bistriței Mountains, has short and demanding trails, which are particularly spectacular.

Before setting off on the trails, it is important to gather information on their condition, because some of them may be temporarily closed or impracticable, or even ask for a local guide.



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