Piatra Tăieturii Cycling Route


Trail route: Panaci – Piatra Tăieturii Hermitage – Cozănești

The starting point of the trail is the centre of Panaci commune – left at the crossroad right next to the Town Hall, towards Piatra Tăieturii Monastery. The first part of the road (about 2 kilometers) follows Chirileni Valley and it is made of concrete and climbs smoothly among households. At the end of this segment, the road continues to ascent for several hundred meters along the valley, then starts to climb steeply on the right side of the valley according to the climbing direction and involves a sustained ascent for more than a kilometer. If you are not in good shape, you may complete this segment by pushbike, but your effort will be amply rewarded with an excellent view over Panaci and Şaru Dornei communes and Călimani Mountains. The rest of the trail climbs gentle towards the monastery, the last part being a bit more challenging. Once you get next to the monastery, on the right side you’ll find a large crucifix and one hundred meters further is an intersection. To follow the route to Cozăneşti you should turn left, or for a brief visit to the monastery, follow the road to the right for a few hundred meters. The trail to Cozăneşti follows the tourist trail (red ribbon sign) that we met at the crossroads. Follow this marked road towards the next bifurcation where the main road deviates to the right, while tourist hiking trail climbs abruptly straight ahead. For the adventurous travelers, you can follow the red ribbon sign, but this trail is affected by forest exploitation in the area. From here the road climbs gently for several hundred meters and then descends until a new intersection with the trail with red ribbon marking that comes from the left. A little further down the road you will encounter a four-way intersection. Follow the road on the left which will take you to the Cozăneşti village (Dorna Arinni commune), after a long but very beautiful descent.


Length: 24.2 km
Difficulty: Medium
Trail type: Cycling tourism




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