Todireni Cycling Route


Route trail: Șaru Dornei – Todireni (local road) – Dorna Arini – Șadu Dornei (county road)

The route starts in Saru Dornei at the crossroads between Panaci to Neagra Şarului. From here we follow the travel direction towards Vatra Dornei. After about 1 km we turn left on a road that is asphalted in its first part, about 50 meters, then it becomes a gravel road once we cross the wooden bridge over Neagra River and turn right.
From here on, we just follow the road that goes parallel to the river in its flow direction, being careful to not get on the other roads that will take us to the households above the valley.
Not long after we will reach the main road and we turn right on the bridge crossing again Neagra River, and then right again at the gas station.
After a few kilometres on the concrete road we will reach the point where we started the route a couple of hours earlier.


Length: 11.5
Difficulty: Easy
Trail type: Cycling tourism



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