Pârâul Buciniș Cycling Route


Trail route: Şaru Dornei – Panaci – Coverca – Buciniş Valley

From the intersection in Șaru Dornei leading to Gura Haitii and Panaci, follow Panaci direction till Coverca village. Here you will find another concrete road on the right signposted by the road sign “Drum forestier Buciniş” (Buciniș forest road). Follow this road and enjoy the splendid landscape that will delight you after each turn. The concrete road continues for another 2-3 kilometers and then it transforms into a gravel road. You can continue on this road as far as your want and then go back on the same route to get at the starting point. You will enjoy a easy route through Dorna`s villages, with traditional households scattered here and there, and in the distance you can admire the majestic peaks of Pietrosul Bistriţei and Călimani Mountains. The most part of local people still preserve the way of living like hundreds of years ago. Their life is divided between cattle farming in the mountains (a sort of cow fold located in steepy mountain meadows) and the household from the village. The largest part of the route is representative for the whole area due to the specific traditional lifestyle that you can admire only here. This route is ideal for an afternoon stroll and can be considered as a warm up for the days to come.


Length: 22.5
Difficulty: Easy
Trail type: Cycling tourism



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