Ski touring and Free ride skiing


We are welcoming you to join in our free ride tours, designed to fit all preferences in two emblematic mountains when it comes to this type of tours: Rodna mountains in the north of the Eastern Romanian Carpathians and to the well-known Fagaras mountains, aka the Transylvanian Alps, in the Southern Romanian Carpathians. Both mountains are reputable for their snow cover, helped to achieve this good layer of snow by their altitudes that varies between 1500 and 2000 m. Balea Lac area in the Southern Carpathians and Borsa/Stiol Plateau in the north are ensuring easy access towards the high areas of these two spectacular mountains and, at the same time, the opportunity to have a different route each day for five consecutive days, hence a very good variety for your rides. For both destinations, we would start the ride on skies from our accommodation (for Borsa there is also the option to use the chairlift that serves the Stiol ski slope). Our proposed programs (ski touring with an important free ride part) vary depending on your desires and options, but also on weather conditions and the layer of snow: from rides on trails with small altitude gain and pleasant slopes to corridors and 45-degree tilts, on powder or firn snow, sometimes on the crust. Short workshops for climbing/descending technique, safety rules for group rides, and nivology/escape in case of an avalanche are also included in our proposal. All our tours will be guided either by one of the few 6 Romanian mountain guides with UIAGM certification, or by certified mountain guides at national level, but working very closely with the first ones.



Tour provider: Explore Romania
About the tour: We are an incoming tour operator based in Romania with an experience of more than 17 years and happy customers from all over the world. We have in our team specialists in adventure tourism (mountain guides specialized in hiking, MTB, wildlife watching, snowshoeing, free ride skiing, etc.), but also passionate of ethnography, history, gastronomy, organizing thus tours based on the Romanian village, traditions, gastronomy, agriculture, and forestry.
Date: January-April