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Let’s discover the Danube


When we talk about the Danube, everyone is thinking instantly about the Danube Delta. A tour of kayak or canoe at the Dobrogean side of the Danube is as beautiful and thrilling as a tour in the Delta.
During the 5 days of paddling and camping we will see the less known face of the Danube. We will paddle through the narrow canals among the islands, admire the birds’ flocks that take their flight from us or simply enjoy the beauty of the Dobrogean hills.

Paddling route: Bugeac-Brăila, 25-40 km per day, about 8 hours spent on water daily. The Danube has a current of about 4-5 km / h, so it is not very demanding to roam 30-40 km / day. We will largely roam in the secondary arms, so we will avoid large ship traffic.

During the tour we will use 1 person touring kayaks or 3 person canoes. Each boat has a waterproof storage space, besides we also provide dry bags and waterproof barrels.

Prices: 6-9 persons 156 euro/person, over 10 persons 141 euro/person
Children under 14 years 50% discount

Overnight stays and meals: you will sleep in the tent, each participant will arrange it himself. The food is provided by every participant, we can bring the kettle and the grill. During the day our driver can shop.


Address: Oltina, Călărași County
Website: outdoorexperience.ro
Tour Provider: Outdoor Experience
About the tour provider: Outdoor Experience is a team which can take you to do rafting, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, hiking, cycling, canyoning, briefly everything which can be done with passion in nature.
Date: 01 May – 30 September