Discover Via Ferrata


Meeting in Lacu Rosu for a day dedicated to exploring one or both via ferrata routes located in Cheile Bicazului. You will firstly attend a short training delivered by a certified mountain guide. After the training, you will do either the Astragalus via ferrata trail in Cheile Sugaului (one of the longest in the country), or the one located on the mountain wall of Suhardul Mic, named Wild Ferenc, accompanied by this mountain guide. Depending on your desire and fitness, you can of course do both trails on this day. These two trails have different difficulty levels, and you will be able to admire Cheile Bicazului – Hasmas National Park from angles that were not accessible to you so far. These two routes are naturally followed by a hiking/trekking tour, either to return to the car in the shortest way or to explore further this beautiful part of the Northern Carpathians on beaten paths or on some wild ones. Should you wish to continue, the next day we can go on some exposed ridges, with large views over gorges, canyons, wild forests, and meadows. To escalate them you would need some basic climbing and rope technique knowledge – training and then exercising your abilities would perfectly continue the activities of the previous day. There is always the chance of special encounters with the wildlife of the Northern Carpathians during these outings, as the chamois and the brown bear are almost constantly present in these isolated places, besides the more difficult to spot lynx and wolf.



Tour provider: Explore Romania
About the tour: We are an incoming tour operator based in Romania with an experience of more than 17 years and happy customers from all over the world. We have in our team specialists in adventure tourism (mountain guides specialized in hiking, MTB, wildlife watching, snowshoeing, free ride skiing, etc.), but also passionate of ethnography, history, gastronomy, organizing thus tours based on the Romanian village, traditions, gastronomy, agriculture, and forestry.
Date: April-December.