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Alpine activities in Bicaz Gorges


Numerous trails for mountaineering, rock climbing, and even some for bouldering in an exceptional natural setting, that is also ideal for trekking, are very good reasons for spending an active end of the week in this area. Accompanied by a mountain guide who is at the same time qualified as climbing instructor or coach, you can explore different regions of this National Park, such as Sugau, Lapos, Bicajel, in order to discover routes that are legendary in the history of Romanian rock climbing at the beginning of the 20th century, but also for the more recent times. These activities come as a natural progression after the first step with completing the via ferrata trails in the area and can be designed as part of a personal development plan for one who is passionate and wants to improve his or her abilities in alpine activities. For winter, two more activities can be added, namely technical trekking/mountaineering tours were traversing a mountain ridge involves using ropes and crampons/ice ax (piolet), followed by climbing the iced waterfalls, which are abundant in the area of Cheile Bicazului.


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