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Snowshoeing in Cheile Bicazului


One of the coldest regions in the country guarantees the necessary layer of snow even when on other mountains, of medium-altitude, it cannot be maintained. The Bicaz upper basin is known for its anthropic habitats developed on Carpathians slopes and ridges, similar to the better known Apuseni mountains or to famous Bran county. The spectacular landscapes, a result of the joint action of vigorous mountain culture and the wild nature, are also an immense playground for any outdoor activity. We can enjoy winter in the wild forests of Hasmas mountains, touring on different routes each day, discovering traces of the wildlife that inhabits the area, a great deal of sunny meadows dotted with numerous hay barns, calcareous ridges overlooking spectacular canyons and the neighboring mountain ranges of Harghita, Tarcau, Bistritei and Ceahlau mountains. On good weather, from Hasmasul Mare we can see almost the entire mountain range of Eastern Romanian Carpathians, from Rodna mountains to Bucegi, and even further to Fagaras and Cindrel mountains. Accompanied by local guides, you will have the privilege to encounter the mountain village people from Bicajelul de Sus, Barnadu or Damuc, to explore hidden areas and unmarked trails, Bellevue points and landmarks that are not accessible to the weekend tourists.


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Date: January-April