Pojorâta Trail


Trail: Șuncuiuș – Vadu Crișului Sport Gym – Devenț Caves – Pojorâta Village – The Old Man Cave – Devenț Caves – the Priest Hill – Pojorâta Village – Mișid Valley  – Șuncuiuș

Pojorâta Trail is the same with Devenț Trail for the first 14 km. It surrounds the view from both slopes, passes through Criș Valley and it also gives Pojorâta Village three times. Here, the runner has a playful ground full of technical terrain and long smooths areas. Near the Old Man Cave, nature is silent and beautiful, and there is spring water. After hours spent on the track, the runner has the chance to invigorate in Mișid Valley, where you must cross the creek five times. This running route offers a unique experience.

The trail is 53 km long and has 2604 m of elevation gain. The most significant altitude level is at 689 m points; thus, the track is runnable all over the year. It begins with 1.5 km of flat, and after that, it goes up on Czaran’s Steps. The route continues up and down then gets to the Gym from Vadu Crișului. Until this point, there are 6.7 km and 500 m+. Here the runner must cross the railway, then the bridge, and after 1.3 km, begins the up-hill near the caves until reaches the most beautiful view above de gorge. If it rains, the terrain is very slippery. After that part, it follows another climb but less steep until another long climb named Dealul Popii or the Priest Hill. At this point, there is 10 km with 950 m+. The track continues with up and downs and reaches Pojorâta Village. Then it goes down to the asphalt road where the runner must turn right and then left in the forest. Next is a long and sustained ascent for about 3 km that arrives at a quarry.

Further, there are short ascents and descents until the second arrive at Pojorâta, at 22 km. From this point, we must go to the left on a long road. The next landmark is the Old Man Cave and the water spring.  This portion of the trail can be made at high speed, and it goes until the Vadu Crisului Cave. There is a source of clean water in the little river. Then begins a long ascent until de Pojorâta Village, at km 38. The route continues down-hill, into the main village, Șuncuiuș, at km 43 with 2206 m+. There, it goes on the road up to the forest and enters the Mișid Valley. This part of the trail has 10 km with 390 m+ of pure wilderness. Nature is abundant, and the terrain is technical. Here the runner must cross five times the river with rocks and wet leaves. Then the route cames back to the starting point, in Șuncuiuș. The track is challenging, but the beauty of it worthwhile.


Distance: 53 km
Cumulative elevation gain: 2604 m+
Time estimated: 12 hours
Marks: a runner coloured in red
Difficulty: severe (due to the technical terrain with rocks, branches, steep hills and downhills and the length with a significant cumulative elevation gain)
Recommendations: running shoes, adequate clothes for weather conditions, 1 litre of water, food




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