Trail route: Damiș – Peșteruța – Huții Creek- Culmei Hill- MIișidului Valley – La Mori – Poiana Damiș – Damiș

Start off in the center of Damiș village and head to the exit towards Roșia. Right past the last houses, make a right on the gravel road that crosses the field overlooked by the rocky precipice above Toaia Cave in a soft ascent. At the first intersection, nearby the forest, follow the most visible road – that is, make a left and enter the forest. The road will take you into a clearing right away; keep going straight and enjoy the steep downhill section. The road makes a steep right turn and enters the forest once again. For a while, from this point on, you should ignore the paths on the left and any climbing roads, keeping to the path following the contour line. In a short while, the path will start going downhill through the forest again, this time through a tunnel of trees and vegetation that will lead you into an open field full of ferns. An intersection will promptly appear where you should make a left and then keep going straight along the gradually climbing path. Pay attention! If you go straight ahead at the first intersection after the tunnel forest instead of making a left, then you should keep making left turns at all the intersections after that (generally with paths coming from your right) until you reach a more visible road that forms a crossroads with the road you’re currently on. Take a left turn here, start climbing and you should meet the original route again in about 300 meters.

It won’t be long before you pass a deserted farmhouse on your right. Keep going and you’ll get to another one in a few hundred meters, but this time the path will take you right through it, through the barns. The road then descends through the groves into another clearing. Pay attention here, as you need to make a left, but on the second, not the first path you cross. The second path is a few hundred meters away from the first one and much more visible. Climb this path for a little while, cross another path on your right and ignore it and enter the forest for a steep descent into a clearing with a farmhouse. Pay attention not to enter the yard and lose your way; find the grass covered path along the fence and follow its steep descent all the way down to Valea Mișidului (Mișid Valley).
Once in the valley, take a left turn and climb to La Mori, where you make another left and keep going upstream along the valley until you reach a wider area and a crossroads: a dirt road to the left, the road that follows the valley straight ahead and a road to the right that looks like it follows the valley, but will actually start a steep, winding climb just a little further up. Take the latter road and climb it to a clearing.

Keep going uphill (it’s not such a difficult climb), pass a house and you will find yourself on a hilltop. You will soon start going downhill again and cross another dirt road climbing to your right; this road is covered in gullies and therefore impossible to use, but right before crossing it there’s another barely visible dirt road that runs parallel to it for a while. Take the barely visible dirt road, which will take you west, down a gentle slope and across a small valley. Then the direction will change north and you will come to a crossroads and make a left on the road climbing alongside the forest line. Once at the top, follow the road along the ridge and make a right to exit into a much more visible forest road, then make a left on this road. From here on you’ll start the final descent among the scattered houses of Poiana Damiș until you meet the asphalt road, then make a left back to Damiș.


  • Difficult orientation due to the many roads the route crosses;
  • In many sections the road is covered with grass and it might be hard to find or even disappear altogether;
  • Steep slopes.
  •  traditional landscape


Length: 16 km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: difficult
Route type: cycling tourism
Total elevation gain: 290 m.
Surface: asphalt, gravel, dirt road




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