T5: Pădurea Craiului and its treasures


Trail: Şuncuiuș– Şuncuiuș Quary – Fățoaia – Zece Hotare – Tomnatic- Gugu – Vadu Crișului – Şuncuiuș

Start off in the center of Șuncuiuș village and follow DC 177 towards the quarry on a winding climb. Passing the quarry, the road presents a gentle descent, only to climb again quite sharply towards Fățoaia hamlet. From here, follow the main road that continues to go gently uphill and then sharply descends towards the first houses in Cărmăzan.

Keep going straight to the first crossroads to the right with a dirt road that climbs sharply backwards to the right. Make an effort uphill for the first 200 meters. After that, the slope becomes gentler and you get to a house; pass it and carry on with the slight ups and downs of the road until you reach a smaller quarry. Head downhill to Tomnatic village and once you pass the first houses turn right and continue to the end of the village; past the last houses, take the road to the left.

Go down the gradual slope and turn right at the next intersection to arrive among the scattered houses of Gugu village. Turn right again at the next intersection, go uphill and then turn left in a gentle descent. Follow the road’s pleasant ups and downs into a karst landscape of sinkholes and pass the intersection, keeping straight. The descent becomes sharper and will take you right above Vadu Crișului village. Here the route makes a right and goes uphill, past the gypsy houses, and downhill again to Vadu Crișului.

We recommend that you continue downhill to Birtin and take the county road to Vadu Crișului and then to Șuncuiuș.

  • ceramic workshops in Vadu Crișului
  • Zece Hotare karst plateau


Length: 36 km
Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: difficult
Trail type: cycling tourism
Total elevation gain: 810 m
Surface: asphalt, concrete, gravel road, dirt road




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