Devențului Trail

Traseul Devențului


Trail: Șuncuiuș – Vadu Crișului Sport Gym – Devenț Caves – Pojorâta Village – Șuncuiuș

Devenț Trail leads the runner above Șuncuiuș Village and offers the possibility to visit a unique karstic area full of spectacular caves, from large to small – Capra Cave, Cotuna de Jos, and Cotuna de Sus. The name of the trail derives from these caves. The route is accessible all year round, and the runners can train and feel the beauty of nature at the same time. Unnoficially Șuncuiuș is the playground of the runners from Bihor County and Pădurea Craiului. Even though it is a technical trail, it will delight your feet and your heart.

The trail is 16 km long and has 1000 m cumulative elevation gain. It starts in the center of Șuncuiuș Village, crosses the bridge and goes on to the left, along with the river Crișul Repede. After 1.5 km on the railway, it continues up for about 3 km with 300 meters elevation. This hill is named Czaran’s Steps. On this portion, the runner will find yellow and blue dots as touristic marks.
Further, the track goes on all over the hill, up and down, and then leads to the Gym from Vadul Crișului. There is the possibility to drink water from a spring source. In the winter season, the water freezes. After about 500 meters, the route crosses the bridge, enters in the forest and continues up to the caves. Here is the chance to admire Capra Caves, Cotuna de Jos, and Cotuna de Sus Cave. But the best view is at the top of the up-hill where Crisul Repede Gorge cand be admired. At this point, you are at the 7th kilometer and about 700 elevations. Next, the route continues through the forest and goes to another hill named Dealul Popii or the Priest Hill. At the top, there is 10 km with 900 m+, and there can be seen a gorgeous open field. Next, the runner arrives in Pojorâta, a small village. After that, there is only 3 km of descent until the finish point, in Șuncuiuș.
The route has a loop type. We recommend the study of the map and the GPS tracking at personal disposal. Also, it is essential to bring food and water.


Distance: 16 km
Cumulative elevation gain: 1000 m+
Time estimated: 4 hours
Marks: a runner colored in blue
Difficulty: medium to difficult (technical terrain with rocks, branches, steep hills, and downhills)
Recommendations: running shoes, adequate clothes for weather conditions, 1 liter of water, food




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