Noroc Romania Mountain Biking Tour


5 days of mountain biking in the spectacular Piatra Craiului mountains and the picturesque villages around, with plenty of stops to admire nature, taste local food and discover some of the local culture. Medium difficulty.

Day 1: Transfer from the airport to a guesthouse in Zărnești

Day 2: 40 km with positive altitude change of 800 meters. Highest point of the day: 1100m. We will admire a beautiful mountain village along the way and the impressive ridge of Piatra Craiului before we start the steep downhill. In the evening, our reward for the day will be a delicious traditional dessert called „papanași”.

Day 3: 35 km with positive altitude change of 800 meters. Today we visit Piatra Craiului National Park and ride up through the Jurassic canyon of “Prăpăstiile Zărneștilor”. The landscape becomes more and more spectacular as we make our way through beautiful alpine pastures and mountain villages.

Day 4: 45 km with positive altitude change of 1100 meters. We will explore the south side of Bran country, scattered with picturesque mountain villages best known for their delicious cheese. We will enjoy a technical single track descent before reaching our accommodation in the evening.

Day 5: 40 km with positive altitude change of 850 meters. In the morning we will take a short break from our bicycles, just enough to visit the famous Bran Castle and the open-air village museum. After the picnic lunch we will climb to a village at the foothill of Bucegi mountains and then descend again to visit Râșnov fortress.

Day 6: 35 km with positive altitude change of 700 meters. We’ll ride up through the forest to an alpine meadow at the foothill of Postăvaru mountain and carry upward to Poiana Brașov. We can take the cable car to reach the highest point 1800m and enjoy the picnic at Postăvaru Cabin. The last downhill is a long, technical single track, challenging and beautiful among old fir trees down to the old city of Brașov.

Day 7: Transfer to the airport from Brașov.



Tour Provider: Noroc Romania
About the tour provider: Noroc Romania tours are run by two MTB riders (brother and sister) who love the place where they live: Zărnești, Țara Bârsei, and who want to promote it, sharing with like-minded MTB riders the simple beauty and wilderness of this unique mountain haven.
Date: 01 May – 30 September



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