Long-distance cycling in Banat

Cicloturism de lunga distanta


Trail route: route to Danube River through Semenic National Park, Cheile Caraşului, Cheile Nerei, Beuşniţa and Porţile de Fier Natural Park

If you are a fan of long cycling routes, we have the perfect offer for you: a 5 day route that includes local roads and mountain paths. Occasionally, you will reach villages or hamlets but you will mostly be surrounded by nature. You will cross a string of three national and nature parks, pass through remote areas and have the opportunity to interact with local people who form an amazing cultural mosaic: Romanians, Czechs, Serbs, Croats and Germans.

The route passes through places that were heavily industrialised in the 19th century but whose glory has long gone, follows forest tracks and crosses thick forests where wild animals take shelter. The nearly deserted villages on mountain tops above the Danube are still inhabited by Czech settlers who came here from Bohemia in the 1830s. Further down, on the shore of the Danube River, you will come across the deepest gorge in Europe and the spectacular area of the Cazane, where the canyon is very narrow.


Date: 01 April – 30 November
Length: 232 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Trail type: Cycling tourism