”Stories of the Forest” Interpretation Trail

Traseul tematic-educativ „Poveștile Pădurii”


This trail is designed for children in 4th-5th grade, but the beauty of the area satisfies the visitor at any age. Along the “Stories of the Forest” interpretation trail, Alunița squirrel will reveal little secrets about the life of animals in the beech forest, the meadow and its inhabitants, the life in a mountain stream, the formation of “dead wood” and trees with strange shapes, orchards and tree pollination, the traditional household of the locals, the formation of a gorge or how we distinguish the trees.

The route has a length of 5.8 km with an average degree of difficulty and can be covered in 4-5 hours. We recommend proper footwear, water and something to nibble on.


Location: Defileul Jiului National Park
Length: 6 km
Difficulty: medium
Trail type: hiking
Starting point: Meri forest
Shape: circuit
Duration: 2-3 hours
Languages: Romanian
Guided tours: Defileul Jiului National Park Management
Condition of  boards: good