Valea Fagilor Cycling Circuit


Valea Fagilor Cycling Circuit: Greci – Fundul Plopilor – Nifon – DJ Nifon-Luncavița – Valea Fagilor – Greci

From Greci village, you cycle south-east, towards the place named Fundul Plopilor, where you will encounter the red dot tourist trail, as well as the blue “C” cycling tourism trail sign. Enter the forest, turn left at the first crossroads, and keep going uphill until you reach a stopover place, in a small clearing on the right side. Keep the road on the right, going east. The direction will be confirmed by the presence of the cycling tourism sign until you reach Nifon village.

Cycle down through the village, until you reach the first crossroads with an asphalt road, turn right and then left at the crossroads with the county road going to Luncavița. Follow the county road for about 10 km, until you reach the crossroads with Valea Fagilor, a forestry road on the left side, with a barrier. Here also starts the blue triangle tourist trail, leading the path towards Țuțuiatu Peak.

Follow this road along the valley, go past the campsite on the left, leave the tourist marking that crosses the valley towards Țuțuiatu and then take the first road to the right, which starts going uphill on the right slope, technically the left slope of the valley (you must always follow the most travelled and most visible path). The trail continues to go uphill, zigzagging slightly; at the top, you will see the blue “C” cycling sign once more, materialized as if out of nowhere. It will lead you until you leave the forest, above Greci village.

On this trail you will encounter various crossroads, but you will always go west or north-west. Having left the forest behind, turn left and climb down amongst the fields, then near the quarry, until you reach the village

For an easier onsite orientation, we recommend that you  use “Munții Măcinului” map, available in various locations in the destination, as well as on the websites and


Length: 43 km
Difficulty level: Average
Type of trail: Cycling tourism