Pricopan Cycling Circuit


Pricopan Cycling Circuit: Greci – Dealul Îmbulzita – Jijila – Măcin – Greci

Start from the centre of Greci village, towards the mountainous area, then go slightly left on Dumbrava Street (it is the only Y shaped crossroad with apparently two equally important roads; the crossroads is very wide).

From here, you keep going forward, past the quarry and turn left on the paved, well- defined road, going towards the foothills of Pricopanului Ridge. There is a slight slope to be climbed and then turn right onto the gravel road, and at the next crossroads keep going forward, thus leaving the gravel road to your left, which climbs up over the hill and down back to the village. Keep going forward on the less used, but well-defined road, until you reach the top.

Here, having passed a former quarry, the road continues with a dirt surface and you will start a slight descent being careful to turn left onto a grassy path right before entering the forest. This road by-passes the forest and, after a short uphill climb, begins a long and beautiful downhill to the valley, where you reach a barn. You continue for about 100 metres along the valley, then turn left and start climbing a steep slope on the other bank, the road immediately turning into a well-defined dirt road. Follow this road, ignoring all crossroads, until Jijia village where, after you exit to national road, you turn left towards Măcin.

At the main crossroads in Măcin, turn left (towards Constanța), and when you have reached the Lukoil gas station (there is also a billboard advertising Vinuri de Măcin (Măcin Wines)), turn left. You can stop for a wine tasting at Crama Dobrogeană (Dobrogeană Wine Cellar) in Alcovin Măcin, where the Măcin wines are made. If you did not have too much to drink, you may keep going forward, soon entering another agricultural road which will, shortly and suddenly, turn right and exit to the road leading to the quarry or to Fântâna de Leac Monastery. Follow this road, until you have reached the foothills of Pricopanului Ridge and turn right onto a dirt road that follows the contour line towards Greci village. Shortly before arriving in the village, you will join a gravel road which will lead you into the village.

For an easier onsite orientation, we recommend that you  use “Munții Măcinului” map, available in various locations in the destination, as well as on the website


Length: 39 km
Difficulty: Easy
Trail type: Cycling tourism