Cheese and Țuică Festival


For two days, during the Cheese and Țuică Festival, the artisan food producers from Mărginimea Sibiului showcase their traditional cheeses – telemea (cheese in brine), burduf (matured cheese), urdă and caș (fresh cheeses), țuică (fruit brandy) and traditional dishes – grilled polenta with cheese, sheep pastrami and sheep sloi (a traditional shepherds’ dish).

The highlight of the Cheese and Țuică Festival is the preparation of the “Festival’s Grilled Cheese Polenta”, which is already a tradition in the area. The grilled cheese polenta is prepared by the villagers and is made out of a considerable amount of polenta, sheep’s cheese and sour cream.

The Cheese and Țuică Festival is an event which gives everyone the chance to discover the customs from Rășinari, as well as those from the entire Mărginimea Sibiului ecotourism destination, to visit tourist attractions, to taste the delicious traditional dishes, and also to enjoy the performances of folk music artists and folk ensembles.


Address: Ștezii Sadle (Curmătura), Rășinari commune
Organized by: Rășinari Town Hall
Date: 29-30 August
Type of event: Cultural event



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