“High Up on the Jina Mountain” Folk Festival


Jina is a thriving community of shepherds, perched at 1000 m altitude, above all other villages in the Mărginime, and spread over seven hills, just like Rome. Summer in Jina has a particular charm: at the end of June the locals celebrate “High Up on the Jina Mountain” –  a folk festival which brings together the entire village and is reminiscent of the old days, when shepherds would descend from the mountains for the village feast day to celebrate, dance, sell and buy produce and dairy products, fall in love and get married.

What to do: hike in the surrounding hills and mountains or visit the ethnographic museum of the Morariu family, where you will find an ancient collection, a welcoming host and a story of the pastoral civilization.


Address: Jina village, on the road towards Șugag
Organized by: Jina Town Hall
Date: 25-26 July
Type of event: Cultural event



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