Țara Dornelor

Admire the volcano shaped landscape of Țara Dornelor, taste the delicious local cuisine and enjoy cycling, horse riding or rafting on Bistrița river.

photo by Andrei Blumer

Băile Tușnad și Împrejurimile

Relax on the shores of the only volcanic lake in Romania and discover the Szekely culture through traditional crafts.

photo by Joao Oliveira


Stroll or cycle through the villages and meadows in the heart of Maramures and discover the history of the place carved in wood.

Zărnești – Piatra Craiului

Hike along the trails that will take you to the spectacular ridge of Piatra Craiului, discover the mountain villages with scattered houses and explore the realm of the large carnivores in the Carpathian Mountains.

photo by Mihai Moiceanu

Bison Land

Step in one of the largest monastic communities in Europe, and roam the forest in search of the mighty European bison.

photo by Marius Irimia

Pădurea Craiului

Walk through landscapes carved in limestone with spectacular waterfalls and gorges, enter the underground world of the caves and test your limits while cycling and rafting.

photo by Andrei Posmoșanu

Mărginimea Sibiului

Along the roads of transhumance, you will identify yourself with this pastoral world where footpaths carry you from the heart of the village to the sheepfolds in the mountains.

photo by Daniel Secărescu

Danube Delta

Watch the spectacle of birds through the seasons, discover the colorful fishermen villages and enjoy the breathtaking views of the ever-changing Danube Delta.

photo by Victor Mușat

Transylvanian Highlands

Walk or cycle to discover the last medieval landscape in Europe and step inside fortified churches to uncover the secrets of Transylvania’s history.

photo by Mihai Dragomir

Țara Hațegului – Retezat

Capture the beauty of Retezat, the charming mountain with blue eyes, find the tracks of the only dwarf dinosaurs in the world and understand the stone carved secrets of medieval and ancient ruins.

photo by Mihai Moiceanu


Guided tours from the Danube Delta to the mighty peaks of the Carpathians: wildlife watching, discovering the rural culture, cycling, culinary and wine tasting experiences.


Try your skills in outdoor sporting events or enjoy a delicious local dish at a Transylvanian Brunch. You will definitely find something that suits you!


Discover a selection of cosy rural guesthouses from all over the country for all needs and budgets, where you can enjoy traditional home cooking and country hospitality at its best.


Get ready to go off the beaten tracks and experience the real Romania! Each destination, with its own distinct flavour, has all the ingredients for an authentic vacation.

Discover Eco-Romania - Zenith Maps Collection

The maps from this collection are created taken into consideration the needs of those who enjoy nature by practising low-impact activities such as: hiking, cycling, ski-touring, etc. The maps have a high quality standard and are resistant to weather conditions and wind, the routes are recorded by GPS, and the graphics and type are of the best quality. AER is in partnership with Zenith Maps for creating Discover Eco-Romania collection of ecotourism maps, to promote ecotourism destinations in Romania.

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