Cetățile Ponorului Hut

Cabana Cetatile Ponorului


Cetățile Ponorului Hut is located in the Apuseni Nature Park, in a quiet and secluded area. The hut is ideally located for a hiking vacation in Padiș karst area.

The location has 60 beds, in rooms of 2 and 4 beds. There are 16 rooms with their own bathrooms and 3 rooms with shared bathrooms. Children under 3 years old are free of charge, and those between 3 and 12 years old receive a 50% discount on accommodation if they stay in a room with two adults. The hosts prepare breakfast and dinner for guests, but on request they also offer a lunch package.

For energy saving reasons, there is no kitchen or refrigerator that guests can use. However, for mothers with young children of up to 3 years old the access in the kitchen is allowed in order to prepare the meals. Two barbecue areas, a fire pit and a cauldron are available for all in the yard of the hut.

Swing, hammocks, playground and rock climbing wall are other facilities that tourists can enjoy here. In case of bad weather, there is a TV, Wi-Fi (weak signal) and a wide variety of games available (rummy, chess, backgammon board, playing cards) in the dining room that you can enjoy.


Address: Apuseni Nature Park, Padiș area, Bihor county
Telefon: +40 740 007 814
Email: zonapadis@yahoo.com
Website: www.padis.ro